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Database driven website inclusions

Complete setup of a fully up and running website inc:
Design & coding.
Domain name & hosting configuration.
Email setup.
Automated database backups (where applicable),
Secure access to your admin / CMS systems.
Each website created is your property.
You have complete access to all code and content.
Apart from any hosting and domain registration there are no ongoing fees to access and use your system.
Unique, functional design:
Using your ideas and comments during the design and documentation stage we work hard to create a website that is unique, visually attractive, intuitive and easy to navigate.
Clean, efficient coding and database design:
We don’t use templates and avoid using off the shelf software. This allows you to have a cleanly coded efficient website that can be easily upgraded in the future and handle many thousands of users.
Intelligent SEO setup:
We will work with you to create search engine friendly content tied to relevant keywords. Things we take into consideration are page names and titles, links, headings, meta data descriptions and keywords and general content.
Setup of Google Analytics:
This allows you to track stats on who, where and when users access your website. A great tool to measure the website success and its marketing.
Usually at our office or over the phone, we run you through all aspects of your website including: admin and CMS systems, Google Analytics and configuring your email.
Our free support continues for a year after your website has been successfully completed. This includes ALL aspects of your job including bug fixing, CMS system help, hosting, domain name queries, payments systems, email and much more.
Some of the options available to you
We can create animations to display on your website usually based around a number of images, text and various animating techniques.
Communication systems:
Apart from basic enquiry forms, we can create elaborate custom spec communication systems where authorised / registered users can communicate with one another. These systems may also include email notifications, selected member blocking, group making, admin notifications.... You name it...We can do it!.
Content Management / Admin systems:
Custom designed systems to control many aspects of your website from general content, image galleries, products, newsletters and much more.
Data reporting, importing and exporting:
Our websites can contain powerful data filtering systems allowing admins (and users) to narrow down and export results as required. We also create customised importing solutions where an admin may import a CSV file that performs actions like inventory control to your live website.
Domain names
F.A.Q. system:
Allowing the admin to manage FAQ questions and answers content.
File management systems:
We can create safe and secure file management systems where authorised users, admins or the general public can upload / download / access designated files.
Image / video gallery:
Allowing you to manage images, videos, categories, captions and many other options.
Links system:
Allowing you to manage links and optional images (tied to those links).
Mapping systems:
From a basic Google map to advanced mapping systems tied to data and created dynamically by address and postcode information.
News system:
Allowing you as an admin to manage news items via a CMS.
Newsletter system:
Allowing users to sign up as a subscriber via a form. As an admin you will be able to manage newsletter subscribers and newsletters as well as get statistics on newsletter clicks and users. Many options can be added to this system including the ability to tie newsletter directly with product information to quickly populate newsletter content.
Quoting / enquiry system:
From simple forms with a few fields to complex systems that dynamically populate depending on selection. Content can be sent as an email to an admin, update a database, perform a number of functions, basically anything you require!
Screen scrapers:
We can create software that goes to designated website(s) and legally grabs specific data to use within your website. This might include pricing data, product information, technical data, latest downloadable files and much more.
Search systems:
Your users can have facilities to search through databases and content within your website this could be a basic keyword search, or could contain many options and filters to narrow down where and what the user is looking for.
From a simple fixed slideshow to a large CMS editable system with captions and many other options.
User based systems and accounts:
Your new website could contain a user accounts system. Users could be created from a signup page or an admin system (or both). Users may have access to special systems and content within your website. As an admin you may have user monitoring /communication / management systems... The choice is yours!
And many more options!
* All pricing (unless otherwise indicated) includes GST
  Pricing subject to change without notice

Database driven systems

Better Than Average Websites specialise in building customised database driven systems. We work closely with you to thoroughly document, design, code and test your project. Your new project can contain just about anything including communication systems, data importing and exporting, image galleries, mapping systems, Content Management Systems, quoting and enquiry systems , user account systems and much more (which we have attempted to list further on down this page).

We take care of the entire process including design & documentation, coding, testing, training and after sales support. Throughout the process you deal with the one person and we take great pride in our accurate turnaround times, high standard of work and ability to convert the most complex of plans into an intuitive, functional and easy to use website.

Finally and importantly... Each job we create is your property. You have complete access to all code and content and there are no ongoing fees to access and use your system (apart from any optional hosting and domain names renewals).

The process in brief:

In our first contact with you, we will try and pull you in for a meeting to discuss your project. This meeting will cover basics on what you require and how your website will work and look. From this conversation we will be able to give you a rough quote and turnaround time of your job. All this (of course) is free of charge.

From our previous meeting and basic documentation we will now provide you with a fixed price quote to complete final design and possible detailed documentation. If you would like to continue, we then whip up full colour mock-up(s) and documentation of your new website, taking into consideration your feedback along the way. At the end of this design / documentation stage we then provide you with an exact fixed price quote and turnaround time for your entire project.

Next we chase up final website content (like text and images) then begin coding and testing. During this process you will have access to a special link where you can see your website being built.

Lastly, we train you up on any systems you may have including Google Analytics (used for website stats) and email setup. Your final invoice will be sent once your website is fully up and running and you are 100% satisfied.

On completion you will also get 12 months of free support covering every aspect of your job . See the website development process for further details.
Contact us for a quote
  Just a short note to thank you for your excellence in service, your business name says it all! I am so pleased to have employed you on this project I got everything I asked for and more. I would highly recommend your business to fellow colleagues  
Lisa Williams, The Hotel Minder.
  Just a note to say thankyou for the wonderful website you have made up for me. You have thrown me some great ideas - Its everything I have asked for, I wanted something bright fresh and colourful - and thats what I got!  
Regina James, Red Jam Quilting and Crafts.
  This is a short note to show my appreciation to Justin for the excellent service he has shown us over the last 5 years. Having had several businesses, I have asked BTAW to make a number of websites for us and we have always been pleased with the quality and professionalism Justin has shown. Thanks again.  
Ian Kellaway, Discount Cable Ties.
  Just a note to say thank you Justin for the fantastic job on the creation of our website. Taking the extra time to explain and keep us informed of the process along the way was much appreciated and from start to finish, we can only say that Better Than Average Websites has provided us with a result that far exceeded our expectations.  
Roy & Glenys McNeil, Fashionable Sail Shades.
  Our Company have used BTAS for over 5 years and they have undergone the work to put all of our 4 websites together from full website construction to Email hosting. What I love about BTAS is they deliver what they promise, meeting all of our deadlines with the minimal amount of stress. Justin has excellent communication skills which made the whole process a positive & pleasurable one. Even after the websites where up and running, any queries we had where dealt with quickly and efficiently. One of the few businesses left that prides themselves on customer service & loyalty.  
Jason Franulovic, FotoWall / Your Identity.
  I found Justin to be extremely helpfull and easy to work with. We had a limited budget; but he built us a very effective small website which enables new customers to find us and has generated revenue for us from day one  
Jeremy Mannix, The VETS - Sale Vic.
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